Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Fang Yulong) He Wei ” new capital construction ” ? A few days ago, national hair changes appoint specific limits, new capital construction is with new development the concept is lead, with the technology innovation is drive, it is a foundation with website sth resembling a net, face high quality to admit need, offer digital transition, intelligence to upgrade, the infrastructure system of the service such as shirt-sleeve innovation.

On August 4 morning, “E road travels together wisdom benefit Jiangsu — ‘ new capital construction ‘ piece ” network theme activity is walked into China for (Nanjing) center of artificial intelligence innovation, reveal rain to spend stage area development concept of new development of carry out travel, for ” new capital construction ” endow with can, aid promote development of economic society high quality.

“Hematopoiesis ” more need ” blood transfusion ” artificial intelligence new capital construction optimizes zoology of the innovation inside cereal

China for early of He Yuhua become attached to, institute of Hua Weina Beijing is China build one of the earliest institutes for home, already take root rain spends stage area nearly more than 20 years.

In June 2019, government of Nanjing city people and China sign strategic cooperation agreement formally for the company, both sides is based on China the practice capacity that expands for the technical capability in AI, zoology ability, industry, join forces makes China for (Nanjing) China of settle of success of center of artificial intelligence innovation (Nanjing) software cereal. So far, new-style infrastructure builds division of pluvial beautiful stage the canto with new open.

China (Nanjing) since software cereal held water 2011 oneself, already grew for China base of base of industry of the first software, China’s largest research and development of communication software industry reachs the software industry with important country and Information Industry center. As Hua Weina Beijing artificial intelligence innovates of the center join, the zoology of innovation of artificial intelligence industry of garden area gets be optimizinged further.

The value of new capital construction is in not only ” build ” , more be in ” with ” . Innovation center is main around demand of the business inside software cereal, offer Hua Weiyun AI the technology below relevant service, line is shared, the many sided technology such as talent combination education is propped up. 2019 up to now, innovation center visits many 500 company inside investigation software cereal, accumulative total uses artificial intelligence cloud to serve an industry to develop fund for 77 enterprises. Endow with in the enterprise can respect, innovation center offers the technical service with bit righter place and side Fu Shangyun for the enterprise inside cereal; The field is developed in the talent, innovation center is mixed in peaceful college jointly place of scientific research courtyard, aid the AI talent inside force cereal to foster, promote an enterprise innovation capability.

Since operation, innovation center was built ” on the line + below the line ” operation mode, special technology is built to communicate for every enterprise on the line group, the technical question that raises to the enterprise undertakes communicating answering doubt, the pain spot that the enterprise is aimed at below the line and difficulty organization technology are shared with communication activity.

Accelerate new-style infrastructure construction, it is to arouse vitality of market main body, expedite economy circulates, urge the important step that economic transition upgrades, have ” 100 course of study promote flourishing of one course of study ” drive action and multiplier effect.

With ” fertile soil ” grow ” new young plant ” make innovation lead new upland with all one’s strength

On March 30, area of pluvial beautiful stage is major 2020 the project centralizes go into operation, among them, industrial category looks 9, include ” achieve a bit + ” garden of industry of science and technology, ” Internet + ” garden of industry of science and technology, the plan always invests 21.1 billion yuan, occupy than achieving 89.8% . These project market prospect are good, lead action strong, it is rain beautiful stage area fulfils country and province city ” new capital construction ” the crucial force of strategic deploy.

On April 8, ” Internet weekly ” release 2019 China artificial intelligence (AI) classified pop chart, china (Nanjing) software cereal before a list of names posted up on 11 enterprises 20 strong.

This year in May, formulate of area of pluvial beautiful stage ” software cereal promotes industry of new generation artificial intelligence to develop the action 3 years to plan (2020-2022 year) ” , begin to hold ” new capital construction ” the strategy ” blast tuyere ” , guide and drive cereal to my wife industrial implementation carries labour intelligence to archives upgrades and develop quickly.

On July 17, by spaceflight division industry group registers the letter that establish seven times to achieve China of be born of industrial headquarters project (Nanjing) software cereal, this is the another priority discipline that area of pluvial beautiful stage advances new capital construction, new industry to act.

Area of pluvial beautiful stage is area of the core area of Nanjing software famous city, mark, also be to save the national level that serves course of study exclusively to be characteristic with software and information completely ” double achieve ” demonstrative base, calc

ulate in communication software, cloud the numerous domain such as safety of big data, information, artificial intelligence, already assemble is of all kinds experience soft business many 2800, experience is soft from personnel of course of study 285 thousand person, it is better to have those who develop new-style infrastructure construction foundation and industrial dominant position.

Area of current rain beautiful stage is being carried out in the round fulfil Nanjing innovation famous city to build strategic deploy, around software and catenary of artificial intelligence industry, through holding the 4th ” N+ ” 5G and peak of international of XR technology innovation are met, ” arrive from data wisdom ” the special performance activity such as salon of industry of technical forum, artificial intelligence, discuss the direction of artificial intelligence and development of its correlation industry and prospect jointly, through making entrepreneur ” the friend is encircled ” , breed software cereal ” new capital construction ” enterprise growing soil, make talent upland, innovation upland, industry raise with all one’s strength.

Future, area of pluvial beautiful stage will rely on solid industrial base, convenient area the surroundings that traffic, appropriate resides, high grade government affairs serves, for vigor of more of infuse of new capital construction, create more value, provide the strongest safeguard. Project of outstanding new capital construction also will is ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” Xin Yuhua construction lays more solid foundation, for Nanjing construction of innovation famous city makes new larger contribution.