Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Xu of Zhang Yan of reporter Cai Min’s reporter) to sum up safety of complete province food responsibility is sure pilot experience of demonstrative sex work, innovation superintends mode, on July 30, responsibility of safety of Jiangsu province food is safe and pilot demonstrative sex job is advanced can hold in Nanjing city Jiang Ning district, the district with the industry that relevant controller and insurance company represent superintendency system to never be the same as, different market that comes from complete province and different superintendency function introduced to press a place difficult of access of food safety responsibility in detail the valuable experience of pilot job. On the meeting, nanjing city market supervises peak of stylish of secretary of management board leading Party group, director, duan Jun of director of supervisory management board of market of river peaceful region parts to advance food safety with respect to Nanjing city He Jiangning

district responsibility is safe and pilot the practice that demonstrative sex works and experience made the introduction.

“The risk that produces commercial insurance adequately partakes function, make positive contribution to promote river peaceful food safe level of management, river peaceful people ‘ rice bag ‘ ‘ food basket ‘ ‘ piscine pond ‘ ‘ fruit dish ‘ install food safety completely ‘ safe ‘ . ” upright director expresses on the meeting, river peaceful area answers safety of province bureau food actively requirement of liability insurance work, whole thrust is sure into responsibility pilot task, superintend efficiency to promote the market, advance responsibility of market main body to fulfil, increase protection of consumer rights and interests, compose to build food safety society to study situation in all ” capture a title successfully ” , point to palpability brand-new ” broad road ” .

Early days attempers 28 food company collects calm direction development opinion

In recent years, river peaceful area with ” establish demonstrative division of provincial food safety ” for chance, production of ceaseless aggrandizement food, current, meal serves domain whole process to superintend, devote oneself to compose to build food safety society to study situation in all, food safety superintends a level to promote significantly. But the superintendency gross with rich food business condition, giant classics is food safety to superintend the job to bring a challenge, for this, method of job of innovation of Jiang Ning area and measure, early days plans as a whole plan, for a short while 28 food company and 6 insurance company begin development spot survey, analyse the characteristic of section food industry and development current situation, call together partial school, large provision to produce product of flesh of enterprise, high risk manufacturing company and farming approve the market to attend a forum on behalf of 36, the opinion that listens to them to be sure to beginning food safety responsibility, to feed duty danger job is begun point to clear direction.

Arouse deploy gets together force early or late 11 times the theme explains to public hurried actual effect

The job that holds to food safety society to be treated in all gathers together action of dominant of superintendency department of oriented, outstanding market, adequately food company and institute organization force… feed to ensure duty danger job obtains actual effect, market of river peaceful region controls management board establish the job to head a group for a short while, combinative area under administration is actual circumstance make for a short while ” responsibility of safety of food of Jiang Ning area is safe and pilot program of demonstrative sex work ” , produce of effective aggrandizement edible, food produces responsibility of operator main body to fulfil. In the meantime, rely on food guild force, constituent insurance broker, insurance company, risk is evaluated wait for an unit, early or late 11 times production of thorough and of all kinds food manages an enterprise to begin explain to public, the witting rate that raised social group to be sure to food safety responsibility further, the enthusiasm of job of safe to buying food insurance and participate in degree.

Advance in the round have move ginseng of pilot and street dining room is protected rate amount to 80%

“Area of food small mill, scene is small-sized meal belong to fight the trade with risk inferior ability, early days we are with them pilot, adopt concentration to cast protect mode to realize food safety responsibility to be sure to be enclothed completely. ” chief to reporter introduction related supervisory management board of market of Jiang Ning region, to ensure safe and pilot job is in Jiang Ning obtains actual effect, river peaceful area is aimed at fight risk ability inferior key industry, focusing is street (garden area) wait for foretaste of crucial area start off before the others, the different risk level that joins different food company at the same time and insurance demand, constituent insurance company begins man-to-man service for the enterprise, quantity body is custom-built and safe plan, the body of insurance program volume that already completed pair of 23 home companies at present is custom-built the job, east hill is street, horizontal the brook is street two pilot and street dining room ginseng are protected rate amount to 80% .

Ideal promotion plans development From ” want me to buy ” change ” I want to buy “

To get together force comes true ” arrive from field edge of a field cate is mensal ” whole technological process is superintended, river peaceful area sums up new way of good experience, abstraction ceaselessly, build whole technological process to superintend ” new system ” , open up is stereo change conduct propaganda ” new position ” , compose builds diversity to assess ” new pattern ” , thorough enterprise is begun ” face-to-face, 0 distances ” explain to public, current, more and more enterprises are cast protect intent to be in from ” want me to buy ” to ” I should be bought ” change.

For food basket mount ” safe ” , let consumer eat below ” sth capable of comforting sb ” , maintain for food company ” umbrella ” … at present, river peaceful area is fed duty danger job is begun successful, add fast smooth, large-scale production company is cast protect rate already came true 100 percent. Follow-up, river peaceful area will contact area under administration cheek by jowl actual, carry out province bureau to be sure about food safety responsibility deep the mental requirement of pilot job, comb seriously advance feed duty danger job begins ” golden drop ” , the plan that implementation of do all one can pushs industry of danger of responsibility of safety of Jiang Ning food, enterprise to be enclothed completely inside 3 years and target, drive responsibility of safety of complete province food to be sure to work to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.