Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Yang Hao of Zhou Xiaoning of reporter Li Jing’s reporter) in recent years, nanjing city is advancing public natural resources to trade platform conformity shares the work in, build public natural resources to trade ” unifinication ” manage new pattern, straighten mechanism of system of buying operation of public natural resources soundly further, promote effectively trade law is changed, standardization, system is changed and informatization, platform conformity is shared release relatively remarkable economy and social beneficial result.

Hold to government affairs service and public natural resources to trade ” unifinication ” management. Will public natural resources trades the job brings into completely municipal Wu to serve ” a dish of chesses ” , trade in public natural resources fulfil in the round in the job optimize government affairs to serve each deploy demand, blend in actively ” peaceful satisfaction ” project, what serve in order to trade is ceaseless optimize aid force to make government affairs serve a brand. Advance public natural resources to trade public service system and each other of interconnection of system of government affairs service are connected, share project approving to approve information and the data such as article.

Deepen general management and industry to superintend ” unifinication ” in coordination. Face public natural resources to trade phyletic much, superintendency branch is much, harmonious difficulty is great wait for difficult problem, nanjing city trades in public natural resources general management and administration are deepened to superintend in platform conformity ” unifinication ” in coordination, compose is built ” general management + the industry is superintended ” buying operation operation pattern, do by municipal Wu be in charge of whole town public natural resources trading to coordinate the work integratedly, each administration supervisory department does business by legal duty superintend, form normative and public natural resources to trade the administrative pool efforts that the market moves.

Executive city, area two level are common resource trades ” unifinication ” move. In class of the city that finish public natural resources trades after platform is integrated, nanjing city is mixed according to regulation of system of centralized management pattern, unified electron, centralized system the requirement of unified service standard, platform of executive area class is integrated, build 6 areas class to divide a center, form city, division two class ” 1+6 ” public natural resources trades platform framework, broke the urban district to break up, standard the public natural resources of not know what to do of main body of differ, market trades situation, true body integrates the market into macrocosm, with the city coessential service.

Drive the route on line of public natural reso

urces next trading ” unifinication ” development. In construction modern public natural resources trades place while, nanjing city is advanced continuously ” Internet + ” public natural resources trades, work up is perfect service, superintend and trade system of 3 big electrons, drive public natural resources to trade platform from rely on corporeal place to change platform to give priority to change to the electron, promote trade mobile standard, efficient begin. Current, city public natural resources trades to already formed the double track below the line on the line expedite the state that run, market main body participates in public natural resources to trade the activity is more convenience.