Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Li Jing) catch to grab ” 4 new ” the action expands opportunity, on August 6, nanjing violet gold invests group and government of people of the division that build Ye to sign strategic cooperation agreement, make jointly ” finance + division achieve + industry ” innovation is allied, hand in hand the effective modes of life and relation to their environment that compose builds capital to serve hypostatic economy.

Through this the autograph is made an appointment with, group of investment of Nanjing violet gold and government of the district that build Ye will be in the many sided such as construction of assemble of financial service, capital, carrier begins thorough collaboration, increase finance to aid force substance economy to develop strength, quicken industrial structure to optimize upgrade, drive jointly ” 4 new ” construction. Both sides still will be in build in all ” banking of business of Nanjing city innovation serves platform ” on the foundation, accelerate advance ” company of Wu of be convinced of Nanjing ask forring ” establish reach favourable policy fall to the ground, dig data value through deepness, demand of implementation industry financing and the spirit that finance serves match definitely, the efficient supply of financial policy and financial product, can obtain of accurate sex of the efficiency that promotes integrated finance supply, essence and innovation industry financing feeling, finance of the place that help strength is superintended optimize ceaselessly, urban credit system is accelerated perfect.

The reporter understands, early days of group of investment of Nanjing violet gold already drove cooperative fund total jointly with the area that build Ye 42, main investment direction includes the field such as IT of science and technology of wisdom city, finance, new generation, total dimensions achieves nearly 20 billion yuan. Next, both sides general around Nanjing ” 4+4+1 ” dominant industry direction, focusing catenary of 8 big industries, through establish and recommending development of of all kinds estate and fund of innovation of science and technology, advance capital of science and technology to accelerate assemble to the area that build Ye, innovation of supportive science and technology company grows quickly, make finance aid the favorable environment that promotes innovation of science and technology.

The spot is made an appointment with in the autograph, the high grade fund that a batch of total dimensions such as fund of city of wisdom of Shang Jianye of fund of poineering investment of size of solid two of Chengqiu of fund of investment of indus

try of health of China peaceful medical treatment, all, action amount to 7.5 billion yuan is in build Ye formal be born, state fills capital, Yuan Yi the fund such as investment and always power formal autograph restricts the company such as science and technology of eyeshot of environment, Saturn, settle builds Ye development, flowing water of capital of prize more society, fountainhead is joined ” 4 new ” in the action.

It is reported, group of investment of prospective Nanjing violet gold will make full use of the bank below the banner, negotiable securities, fiducial, assure, small borrow, rent wait for advantage of domain finance full license plate, get together bring exterior and high grade resource, perfect position of area banking industry ceaselessly; Increase equity to invest strength, stimulative city, area the deepness of two class resource is shirt-sleeve, collaboration begins wisdom city priority discipline, join forces pushs new city project — Nanjing finance city upgrades the construction of city of finance of science and technology of 2 edition violet gold, compose establishs the group of modes of life and relation to their environment of banking of new-style science and technology that is helpful for innovation of science and technology, breed the new industry assemble that stimulative area transition upgrades, consolidate further and elevate Nanjing extensive status of center of banking of long triangle area, for local high quality development labor force gets together can.