Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhu Jiang of reporter of exercitation of Xu Zhouyan of reporter Liu Jia’s reporter) recently, the successive high temperature of Nanjing city makes road conserve working face faces stern test. To build favorable highway environment, the conserve personnel of control stand of highway of carriage bureau of traffic of area of glow of Nanjing city dwell fights bravely with all one’s strength in forefront of intense heat of summer.

It is reported, the rainwater of flood season is big this year cause highway greenbelt not only vegetation the way corp is growing is flourish, be mingled with among them fireweed as much ” advance side by side- do two or more things at once ” , grow what affected green plant normally. To this, dwell glow station arranges conserve personnel to undertake pulling out artificially centrally to the fireweed inside greenbelt, in pull out fireweed while, incomplete branch rubbish of withered leaf, white clears along with all the others, build good highway to give an environment.

In addition, the road surface disease such as chap, rut affected viatic badly also current security. Be aimed at this kind of phenomenon, dwell glow station seizes the favorable opportunity that fine fine day enrages, pass personnel of go on a tour of inspection one by one course examination, discover one place repairs one part, when encountering rainwater weather, adopt cold filling material to undertake lash-up repair, adopt measure of this kind of conserve, prevent road surface disease effectively to expand further, prolong viatic service life, enhance the smooth stability of drive a vehicle and security.

On the other hand, exorbitant branch already the mark sign of a section of a highway of part of along the line of keep out road, also affecting drive the line of vision of drive a vehicle that takes staff, put in huge safety hidden danger, accordingly, personnel of conserve of arrangement

of dwell glow station carries the clip of tool along the line such as tall branch chain saw the branch of hidden danger of all existence safety, to the altitude branch that clears harder, criterion car of uprise of have the aid of has crop, ensure highway the marked, clarity of card of two side mark, the safe conduct that is vehicular traffic provides effective safeguard.

The reporter still understands, the caution picket that belt of the cent in road installs, prevent hit a barrel, defend column and road clew indicate wait to also be met because of insolation drench be bestrewed by dirt, thereby by drive fatiguely ignore by personnel. For this dwell glow the station arranges conserve personnel along the line to clean, the bright Li Yan that restores safe facilities is lubricious, prevented the happening of traffic accident effectively.