Dispatch of dragon tiger net (jade of Tang Ting of reporter of flying exercitation of reporter Sun Yi) the Nanjing August, scorching. Of 34 ℃ high temperature outdoors, even if standing to be not moved, sweat of metropolis a suit, and the conserve that saves artery to go up in the country of Nanjing is big in repair the site, still be to send busy picture. 4 days morning, the conserve that the reporter comes to to churchyard of water of Li of 246 provinces path is big in repair the site, the conserve here is versed in people fall in high temperature, those who enduring burning sun, bitumen, machinery is ternary and roast.

Along 246 provinces path, the reporter reachs construction spot. Door, billow heat wave laps instantly reporter, cannot breathe almost, everything all round shines dazzling, what accompany to it is plangent mechanical exercise sound. “With you disclose grows sleeve in the phone! ” spot controller — project of conserve of center of progress of city highway career does director Zhu Hongliang to be greeted.

In inside of 246 provinces path, mark card and awl bucket segregation give a left driveway, there is opportunity of shop of a car of 2 conserves car, a dump, booth inside driveway, still have roller. Approaching the way that car comes to, return those who stopping a yellow to prevent hit amortize car, tremendous mark lamp especially marked.

Zhu Hongliang tells a reporter, the line of S246 peaceful man that at present the reporter is in is two-way 4 driveway A road, built be open to traffic 2011, this second in Shui Gaochun bound of Li of long paragraph result

, stop to be pressed down at brook of tall honest fork. Long plan is surface of road of path of overtake of mill dig old road, drive a vehicle in, after be being handled to basic level disease, new fry batter in a thin layer spreads new road surface. The security of drive a vehicle and comfortable sex can rise significantly after the project is finishing, go out to offer more high grade current condition all right for the citizen. This paragraph project on July 10 start working, today is the last day, to today last paragraphs of bitumen is spread midday, the conserve that 246 provinces is big in long project ended.

The reporter notices, the worker of the spot is wearing pants of long sleeve length. “Conserve exercise is on highway, around a few kilometers are not had without block block, wear short sleeve but be unable to stand. ” Zhu Hongliang explains to the reporter. Right now, conserve worker around move booth shop machine works in bitumen road surface, bitumen road surface before this already mill dig goes out to make an appointment with 10 centimeters deep, 4 meters wide, about 30 meters long chamfer. The spot applies worker Yuan Yangli to always rise continuously, the sweat that brushing a face to go up to flush ceaselessly with the towel on the head bead, he took next towel to twist, the face of sweat straight be born in towel.

Yang Liyong’s colleague is digging good hole chamfer bottom to brush oil of a bitumen, advocate if felt is mixed,seal water action, before going up from unload subsequently, pour the 170 degrees bitumen in bowl into hole chamfer. As bitumen fall, a powerful steam comes over. Cropland of home of conserve header king and 4 staff members are surrounded quickly go up, the shovel in using a hand fall outside bitumen shovels hole chamfer in. Roller leaves subsequently come up, make a round trip slowly actuate, bitumen planish squeezing ramming, they follow Wang Jiatian by all the time, press so that the bitumen shovel that excessive comes out returns hole in.

“Do not stand by! ” Zhu Hongliang cries to the reporter later, “Sole can change! ” when booth spreads bitumen, the temperature below the foot achieves 150 degrees of above, must wear tailor-made shoe. “One the world comes, the sweat on the body is drenched be done by evaporate again, mineral water should drink a few bottles 20. ” a conserve worker says the spot.

Zhu Hongliang tells a reporter, 2020, nanjing plan makes the same score 8 common countries such as line of new of great capacity of line, G205 mountain dark line, G235 to be saved to G104 north aggregate the road surface of 81.109 kilometers undertakes conserve big in long; Undertake maintaining consolidate to 4 bridge such as the bridge in the river after G104, G205 board bridge; To 17 existence either end of a bridge jumps the bridge of disease of car, pedestal undertakes preventive conserve. In addition, according to traffic Department of Transportation safety of promotion highway bridge defends the requirement of ability adds fortify to cast a net to 16 bridge, transform 18 to prevent the bridge that bumps into ability not to amount to mark to protect column; Add establishment of collision of fortify model shipping to bridge of 11 be open to navigation or air traffic.