Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Zhang Xin like that reporter Li Fan altogethers) for farther base oneself upon agrestic education, exploration Nanjing originality is recreational agricultural industry is new growth pole and adolescent learn farming education develops new way. On July 31, with ” joy learns farming labor grows ” outside school of contemporary agriculture civilization carries out the Nanjing city adolescent that gives priority to a problem base job is advanced meeting in Jiang Ning district station achieves garden to be pulled open formally prelusive. The spot, whole town learns farming education shares pedagogic project to be started formally, head approve 10 to learn farming education shares a teacher to award contract. Up to now, whole town already had 36 recreational agriculture management main body to add base of farming of enter a school to establish an unit, begin a knot to work to be being built in all with much home school, Children’s Palace at the same time.

Whole town learns farming education shares pedagogic project to start a ceremony

Committee of job of Young Pioneers of city of meeting, Nanjing sponsors the member that this activity teachs municipal Party committee of Nanjing of bureau, the Youth League by city of bureau of country of Nan

jing city agriculture, Nanjing, poineering garden of farmer of peaceful Taiwan of river of meeting, Nanjing develops Jiangsu province agriculture limited company is particular undertake.

According to bureau of country of Nanjing city agriculture relevant controller introduces, learn farming found the job to began to start 2017 pilot, 2018-2019 year promotion is optimized, summed up promotion 2020. Strive to was finished 2020 ” 4 one ” target, the Gao Shuiping that construction walks along one batch in countrywide front row learns farming educational theme farming garden, learn one batch farming educational demonstrative school, cover the agriculture, education, culture, originality expert that crosses a territory one batch agriculture of adolescent of city of a directive team, Nanjing carries out outstanding education courses. Learn this farming education shares pedagogic project is save agronomy to be able to establish jointly by bureau of country of Nanjing city agriculture and Jiangsu, aim to build platform of resource of popular science teacher, flow through the talent reasonable allocation mechanism, to learn farming the group such as base, school, Children’s Palace provides professional, system learn farming education gives lessons, direct service.

Head approve 10 to learn farming education shares a teacher to award contract

 The spot, jiang Ning spends the area that cross garden to wait on Taiwan farmer poineering garden, road founded base to undertake learning early or late farming education and the experience communication that base builds and share. Jiangsu province agronomy can return the spot to reveal popular science of classification of boiler circulation, rubbish, butterfly wait for characteristic course realia, ” set out, fabaceous beans maniple ” popular science draw this, video of popular science of series of beautiful wisdom cate, love by everybody with approbate.

Learn farming working plan and share pedagogic project introduction

“The stage starts garden learn farming course basically gives priority to a line with agricultural experience, experience kind of course to include agricultural popular science, farming agrarian labor, originality is manual, traditional hutch art, farming extend n cultivated land, farming agrarian skill, natural popular science, we still can learn the demand of school according to differring, devised different course and different educational way. ” poineering garden of farmer of Jiang Ning Taiwan learns farming chief tells a reporter related base.

Poineering garden of farmer of Jiang Ning Taiwan learns farming base chief site is shared

Next, bureau of country of Nanjing city agriculture will be chance with work education, promote learn farming base and construction of confluence of area of recreational agriculture garden, joint development, help adolescent walks into agriculture, joy to learn farming, also develop the kinetic energy with new infuse for recreational agriculture, drive ” 3 farming ” development; Will pass ” management of construction of base of practice of civilization of teenage contemporary agriculture is normative ” strengthen to learning farming of base groom, guidance and management, learn through the standard farming base is daily operation, rise learn farming base service consciousness, fortify standard of controller oneself ability, ensure provide more professional, more high grade content and service for adolescent and even whole society. Future still will be passed learn farming base is released with the book, spot activity guidance, invite share base of teacher, assessment to build, undertake cognizance to eligible base, award the means help such as the card to learn farming base founds an unit to abound mobile content, promotion to serve quality, solve base major teacher natural resources is scarce the difficult problem that be short of, the agriculture that offers more professional, more appearance to change for adolescent is taught and experience.