Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Miao Dongxu of reporter cropland universe) on August 4, a piece of picture is reprinted by insanity on the net, a dress in the picture defends take, the person paralysis that wearing blinkers sits on the ground, there is a large ice cube to drop in temperature in the bosom. So this is duty of substation of Xuan Wu of Nanjing city public security bureau complementary alarm squadron Chang Mengzhi, he just executes epidemic prevention mission with teammate at that time.

On July 31, time of airliner that comes back from abroad is in Nanjing be born. Meng Zhi guides 7 team member to assist the passenger of action inconvenience to remove impediment hotel room from b

us car. Because epidemic prevention needs, they cannot ride elevator, can wear only defend take climb stair to carry. Nanjing is highest that day temperature 35 ℃ , from midday busy all the time at 12 o’clock to afternoon at 5 o’clock, they just had found a place for all personnel. Midway has 2 complementary alarm team member body is unwell, among them 1 person vomiting is more than, additionally 1 person fainted, after passing simple relieve a sick or injured person, meng Zhi reached two people from 5 buildings back downstair.

Meng Zhi tells Long Hu network reporter, after the task ends, they arrive rest downstairs, be to be not carried really, feel the moisture that goes up personally is smoked to work, the bosom is frowsty, breath does not come over, have kind of feeling that should choke, think the rip off on the horse defends take and guaze mask, him knee has seeper originally, at a draught paralysis is in the ground, other team member is held in the arms come a large ice cube, let him be being held in the arms drop in temperature.

“In that momently, I attend the cure that fights epidemic disease to protect personnel in Wuhan at that time with respect to the feeling too great, we just 5 hours were overcome, they are too great really. ” Meng Zhi says, also did not think at that time too much, feel these passengers come back from abroad namely, want to let them have a kind of feeling that come home, “Help them partake more as far as possible a bit ” .